Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What NOT To Blog About

I'm a relatively new blogger, and I am working hard at learning how to blog. 

Over and over again, I read about finding your niche to write about.  I am working on that, and am aiming at having a light-hearted blog that makes fun of myself, basically.  You can look at to see my many life blunders!

I've found many blog entries that are very interesting, and then I've found a few that lose my interest really quick because of content.  So here are a few things I don't really want to read about while surfing the blogosphere:

  1. Dirty diapers and spit up.  Yep, every mother with babies is dealing with these things, but I don't care to read about it, unless it has to do with medical concerns.  Tell me about your baby, but don't tell me about their dirty habits---15 years from now, your baby may learn you blogged about his 15 dirty diapers in one day, and he may never forgive you!
  2. Your very, and I mean, very personal life-I'm sure you can guess what I mean.  WHY would I want to read about your private life?  Wouldn't you be mortified to find out your husband blogged about it?  I'm sure he has to feel the same way!
  3. Housework.  I guess when we blog about what we accomplished, it makes us feel like, well, like we accomplished some things!  But reading a good blog post is about escaping housework!  Unless of course, your blog is about homemaking, and you are just sharing some great tips!
I'll enjoy a good post on babies, what makes relationships work, and helpful hints for the home, but please keep the other stuff away!  Watching you accomplish 35 things before noon will only make me envious anyway, since all I managed to do before noon was turn off the alarm!