Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let a Young Person Know You Care

If you've never had your breath taken away because you've had to see a child in a casket, you are blessed.

If you've never had to see your own child in a casket, please be sure to hug them and tell them how much you love them.  Those of us who have never lost a child cannot even begin to imagine the suffering that the family faces.

In the past two years, I've been to the funerals of two young people, our dear friends' son, Nicholas Masiker, and a 10 year old boy my daughter knew.

Garrett was a little boy who was a neighbor to my children's friends.  He was in a drowning accident.  My daughter and I went to the funeral, and people were given the opportunity to stand up and say something at the funeral.  His uncle travelled to Pennsylvania from Michigan to the funeral, and stood up to address us all.  He said that he was sad to say he didn't know Garrett very well.  And he exhorted the crowd to get to know their families.  I know that Garrett's uncle never dreamed he would be seeing his little nephew in a casket at such a young age.

Nicholas was 18 when he was in a car accident in severe weather conditions.  He and another young man, Nate Zdarko, we killed.  Our little Pennsylvania city was in mourning, as you could tell when you drove past the funeral home and saw the line of people down the road, waiting to enter the funeral home to offer their sympathies to the families.  

Nicholas was my children's friend, their classmate, and part of our church family.  We all saw Nicholas several times a week at church.  So many people thought of Nicholas as a best friend.  He was quite a young man!  His wittiness, talent, and great imitations were all a part of this young man that our family had known from the time he was just a little boy.  As humorous as he was, he seemed to me to have a little bit of a shy side too.  I am not a very outgoing person, and I tend to not be very talkative for the most part.  One of my last memories of Nicholas is walking past him at church in our vestibule.  We didn't say anything to each other, but my regret is that I didn't.  I really believe we need to let young people know that we care, that we think they are a-ok, and that we appreciate them.  I cannot go back in time and tell Nicholas, but I've made it a point to let other young people know that I appreciate them.

Today marks the second year anniversary of losing Nicholas.  My blogs today are dedicated to this young man who was a gift to all.  Please look at my chocolate bouquet blog to read a story from Nicholas' sister Laura.  You'll see a tiny bit of the funny things Nicholas said as a little boy.  :)  

If you take the time to read my blogs today, please remember to say a prayer for Nicholas' family.  Pray for God's continued strength to them.  And I thank you.  



Faye said...

Thank you for taking the time to show you care. These blogs are all excellent!