Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cell Phones and Texting

Cell phones are one of the greatest things to come along in the past 20 years!  They used to be much rarer, but these days it seems nearly everyone has one!  I just got my own track phone a few months ago.  I'm not much of a phone person, so don't need a $60 a month plan.  

These little gadgets are great for women when travelling alone, kids when not at home, trying to run down a friend you want to do something with that evening, calling your spouse during work hours if there is a need, and many other reasons I'm sure.

Much like the computer, cell phones are great, but come with some "negatives" as well.  

One negative I've noticed is that cell phones have contributed to people becoming rude.  I personally feel it is rude to be visiting with a friend, and they are on their cell phone for a good portion of our visiting time.

I've spoken to more than one public relations person who has tried to serve folks while they are on their phones--the postal clerk, the makes their job harder, especially when the are being treated rudely, but have to smile anyway.

Another negative with a cell phone is young people and texting.  I'm sure this applies to us older folks too, but there are text messages that are being sent that should embarrass or shame girls and guys.  Texting gives some young people the boldness to "say" things they would never have really had the courage to say in person.  

And finally, the dangers of cell phones and texting--doing them while driving!  More than one young person has been killed because of texting while driving, and others have been killed, or killed someone else, due to the distraction of a cell phone.  In my own little town, a person reached for their fallen cell phone, causing them to hit another vehicle in coming traffic, which caused one of the vehicles to flip over several brand new vehicles in a car lot!!!  Talk about dangerous!!! Fortunately, both drivers survived, but oh, the damage!!!

Am I against cell phones and texting?  No....I just think that people need to remember their manners when using them, and kids should be taught balance in texting, and modest ettiquette as well.

My two cents worth.....